No Need for Ice. Cold Plunges Made Simple.

Free Shipping Anywhere in the USA.

In business since the early 2000s, Rycast Sports has evolved to become a sporting goods and athletic recovery company. We are proud to hand assemble our cold plunges in the USA and ship them out personally. Our products are stocked in the USA and are not shipped from overseas.

Easy-to-Use Connections

Unlike competitors, our cold plunge comes with simple and reliable, leak-free connectors.

Check it Out!

We Stand by Our Products! Iceman Plunge is Created by Rycast Sports.

The Most Affordable Cold Plunge

Water Chiller (NO ICE NEEDED)

Our included 1/4 horsepower water chiller cools the water to 39 degrees without needing ice.

Shock Proof

The Iceman Plunge ships with a GFCI outlet included, and no electric parts are submerged in the water!


Most cold plunges on the market are at least $3000, with many going over $4000 and even up to $15k+! We wanted to offer something that anyone could afford. We even have financing.

Free Shipping

Fast and free shipping is included anywhere within the continental US. We are proud to offer customers an easy and reliable solution to decreasing inflammation and maintaining a healthy lifestyle!